2021 is fast coming to an end. The Christmas holidays are right around the corner. But, today I wanted to take a moment to share a “Be thankful” message I came across on Pinterest. It really struck home with me.

Be Thankful, Susan Levasseur, WOW NOLA Creations

WOW, aren’t those words profound. It’s pretty easy to be thankful on the good days, the happy days, the joyful moments. Isn’t it always a little more difficult when we are struggling a bit? Today, in the United States, we have an entire day to be thankful. It’s Thanksgiving, 2021.  Take a moment to reflect and share below in the comments what you are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving 2021, Susan Levasseur, WOW NOLA Creations

I’m sure everyone is busy cooking or preparing to cook for family and friends. So it might be too late for you to prepare my Cranberry Chutney this Thanksgiving. No worries, Christmas dinner is the perfect time to fix a batch. It’s the perfect pairing for your turkey.  Click here for the recipe. I promise, you won’t regret it. It has become a tradition in our family. 

Susan Levasseur, WOW NOLA Creations, Christmas Wishes

Hope you all have a wonderful day, until next time, Create Something Beautiful!

Susan Levasseur, WOW NOLA Creations